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August 28, 2020


With tensions at an all time high in the household, the Dreamegg D11 White Noise Machine offers a portable solution for both babies and new parents. Fully equipped with 11 soothing sounds such as white noise, ocean sounds, lullabies and more, it’s compact design helps babies glide into dreamland at the blink of an eye. The warm night light for the nursery and timer allows for parents to transition into nighttime routine at the drop of a hat.

As a new dad riding the growing wave of stay-at-home fatherhood, founder Robin Sun used his professional product management skills to build the perfect alternative for his newborn. Robin Junior was restless and there were no high-quality white noise products designed for babies on the market.

Sun says, “Dreamegg works with a professional studio to record and process the sounds. To improve sleep for every newborn and people who want to sleep like a baby, we launched Dreamegg products and services, along with the best ‘Soak-it-all-in’ sleep experience.”

The On-the-Go design is available at $29.99. 


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