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At Dreamegg, our mission is to support new parents in creating a soothing sleep environment for their babies, ensuring peaceful dreams and restful nights. Collaborating closely with professional studios, we meticulously capture and refine sounds like the ocean, fan whirrs, and white noise. To deliver an unparalleled shusher sound experience, we've engaged 30 diverse individuals to authentically record these sounds in our studios.

Driven by our commitment to enhance the sleep quality of both newborns and those yearning for a rejuvenating slumber, we offer a range of products and services. We present more than just a solution; we deliver the ultimate "Soak-it-all-in" sleep experience, dedicated to bringing tranquility and serenity to every bedtime moment.

In The Press

We are growing, enhancing services, and expanding our reach to serve you better.

  • 2019

    Joined Amazon for the first time, hit our first million during Black Friday

  • 2020

    Achieved the top market share in the United States

  • 2021

    Secured the largest market share in Canada and Australia

  • 2022

    Honored as the most valuable product,
    Mom’s Choice Awards Best
    Value Editor’s Choice Award
    Top Choice of PCMAG

  • 2023

    Launched new product, GMV reach over 300 millions

Hear What Our Customers Say

This little sound machine exceeded all my expectations!

I purchased for next to my bed while when I brought my third newborn home in three years. I couldn’t stand my old machine I ordered on amazon. It sounded really tin like. I love my brookstone but that in my other baby’s room.

This is my new favorite by far!!! First the white noise is just perfect, super relaxing. The other noises are nice too but I only use white noise. My favorite part is the light. It’s a glow and just what I need for baby at night. Dim enough to not walk the baby or my husband up. The sound comes out the bottom and has the most soothing quality. I really love this purchase!