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July 25, 2022

Beginning in the womb, babies become accustomed to sleeping with noise. Using a sound machine can help your baby sleep as it can recreate the familiar sound of being in the womb. Even after the "4th trimester" and up until your baby is a toddler, I recommend using a sound machine to help your little one sleep. In fact I believe they can be beneficial at any age. Even for myself, I cannot sleep without my sound machine because it helps create the sleep association I need to unwind and prepare for sleep.


Some Benefits of using a sound machine include:

- helps your child to fall asleep more quickly and smoothly

- gives them comfort and a feeling of security

- improves sleep quality and promotes a deeper sleep

- helps to block unwanted outside noises that may wake up your baby


Dr. Ralph Rascualy, a sleep expert says: "our brains are always craving new sensory inputs." The brain is able to relax when receiving these sound signals from a sound machine playing white noise, helping you to sleep better.

I recommend using a sound machine that plays a constant white noise, all night long. Those that play songs or have breaks in the sound can cause wake ups or short naps if they occur when the child is in a light stage of their sleep cycle.

Place the sound machine 3 feet from your child's crib or bed, to help evenly spread the sound over the entire room.

The sound machine should measure at 55-65 decibels from where your baby is sleeping. You can download the app Decibel X, and place your phone where your baby would sleep to read how loud your sound machine is. A general guide is that it should be about as loud as the noise a shower makes.

When traveling, take your sound machine with you to help your child sleep better. They will feel more at home and secure as it offers a familiar atmosphere.

I recommend the Dreamegg sound machine, my favourite is the Dreamegg D3 pro rechargeable sound machine. That model has a rechargeable battery that allows you to use the sound machine for up to 12 hours which is perfect for traveling or if your power goes out!




Certified Sleep Consultant

Owner and Founder of Sleep Serenity