The Best Travel Accessories to Make Your Trips a Breeze

The Best Travel Accessories to Make Your Trips a Breeze

Whether you’ve had a dream vacation planned for months or recently decided to pack up your bags and hop on the next flight out, you won’t want to leave without those travel essentials. You may already have your luggage and neck pillow packed and ready to go, but what about everything else? (You know, the stain sticks, earbuds, power banks, blankets — we could go on.)

With the help of Nabila Ismail, seasoned traveler and creator of Dose of Travel, we put together a list of the most helpful travel accessories worth packing, as well as some thoughtful travel advice for your next adventure. “I am team carry-on only, so everything comes with me,” Ismail tells PEOPLE. “Things I remember to put in my carry-on bag specifically are medications (OTC or prescription), electronic devices, contact lenses, lip balm, a hoodie in case it gets cold, and an extra pair of clothes in case your luggage goes missing.” With that in mind, we did our research to find the travel accessories worth buying, some of which we tested ourselves.

The Dreamegg portable white noise machine boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its feather-light design, weighing mere ounces, allows you to effortlessly toss it into either your carry-on or checked bag without any hassle. The writers of People highly recommend this travel essential for a serene journey.

Dreamegg D11 Portable White Noise Machine

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