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October 09, 2020


With people spending more time at home than ever, “cabin fever” has taken on new meaning. Around the world, surveys have revealed that watching TV, cooking, and following the news have become the new favorite hobbies of suddenly home-bound citizens.

Of course, while the pandemic may have resulted in some major lifestyle shifts, it’s also brought about a widely welcomed opportunity to slow down and spend more time with those closest. The problem? Parents, especially moms, are in more desperate need than ever for alone time and adult time.

Making Quiet Time Happen

With going out being even less of an option than before, parents are finding new ways to get much-needed “me time” without risking exposure. From yoga and meditation to just getting creative in finding new at-home hobbies and spaces, moms and dads alike are finding ways to get their alone time and adult time without leaving the house.

Still, with tensions at an all-time high from stressing over work, school, and everything in between, how do you get away without going anywhere? That’s the question both seasoned and new parents have been working to find the answer to — and the Dreamegg White Noise Machine has been the solution for many.


What Is The Dreamegg White Noise Machine?

Capable of producing 11 soothing sounds, including white noise, lullabies, ocean waves, and more, the Dreamegg White Noise Machine is a compact quiet time creator used by parents and newborns alike.

For those with young children, the Dreamegg White Noise Machine can be placed in the child’s nursery or bedroom to help soothe them to sleep, serenading them into dreamland so that parents can get their much-needed relaxation time in.

For parents themselves, the Dreamegg can be used in a similar fashion. Just place it in your bedroom and let the bumps, giggles, and other sounds of children in the house disappear as you glide off into dreamland yourself. It’s also great for blocking out traffic and city noises for those who find themselves in urban or suburban areas.

How The Dreamegg Is Different

Designed to help children go to sleep faster and stay asleep soundly, the Dreamegg is small, compact, and highly-portable. Beyond that, it has key features that make it better than the average white noise machine — including a warm night light and timer so that you can start teaching a nighttime routine with ease.

That’s what makes the Dreamegg one of the key baby essentials and the perfect idea if you’re seeking pregnancy gifts or baby shower gifts to check off a box on a new mom’s “nursery essentials” list!